In an emergency, first responders such as 9-1-1, police and fire are overwhelmed with help requests.   In the critical first hour of an emergency, the people you will turn to for help are your neighbors.  Have you talked with your neighbors about what you would do during a disaster?

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) is a program designed to start your neighborhood conversation about disaster preparedness.  The MYN program was developed by Dr. LuAn Johnson, of the Washington State University Emergency Management program to help neighborhoods of 15-20 houses quickly and easily create a response plan for emergencies.

The MYN Program will help you:

  • Create a neighborhood contact list and identify those in your neighborhood who are elderly or need special assistance
  • Create a neighborhood utilities map that shows the locations of natural gas and propane tanks in your neighborhood
  • Identify the skills and equipment that each neighbor has to contribute during an emergency.  Now you’ll know who has plumbing skills, who knows CPR and who has a chainsaw.
  • Learn the 9 Steps to Take Immediately After a Disaster.  You’ll be able to protect your home and secure your neighborhood with this written checklist.

Getting started with the Map Your Neighborhood program is as easy as a download.

Map Your Neighborhood

Has your neighborhood designed a neighborhood disaster plan?  Will you share your story with us?