Zoe is a proud new homeowner in her twenties.  When preparing for her first long vacation away from her new home and her dog, Lucy, she realized she needed emergency information and a plan for both herself and her pet.

Zoe, how is your pet disaster plan for Lucy coming along?

I have the majority of the plan filled out but I am still researching boarding and pet hotels in my area as I had not thought about this as something that I would need in the future.  I am also in the process of getting Lucy’s disaster kit.

What are the biggest benefits to having a disaster plan for Lucy?

It made me realize how important it was to have a plan for Lucy and to have her disaster kit ready.  We don’t often have big disasters here in Portland, Oregon, but the emergency kit with its extra dog food will come in handy during the next unpredicted snow or ice storm we seem to keep having.  Also, the plan can double as an information sheet for pet sitters – it has all the emergency information in one place!

What has been the most challenging part in building Lucy’s disaster plan?

Compiling the information.  I had to call the vet for a list of vaccines and I had to research boarding facilities in my area.  Some pet hotels and boarding centers have a screening process that’s mandatory before they will accept new pets to stay and it’s been really important to get that process started before an emergency occurs.

After starting to make the plan, how do you feel?

I feel more aware.  I think I will feel confident and prepared once I have all of the pieces in place.

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